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Layher Allround Scaffolding.®
Ingenious. Strong. Limitless.

The main use of the Layher Allround scaffolding system is for demanding scaffolding applications – where conventional scaffolding technology cannot be used optimally and economically. With Layher Allround scaffolding, you are making an investment in a perfected and complete system with all the necessary approvals, and hence in rapid, safe, profitable and highly versatile scaffolding construction. The unique combination of positive and rigid connection in a fast and non-bolted system permits a choice of automatically right-angled, linear or angled connections with built-in safety. The original Layher Allround scaffolding offers – particularly in complex scaffolding construction – an unmatched range of uses, unbeatably fast assembly, and persuasive economic arguments, not least thanks to a comprehensive range of accessories – this means unrestricted all-round versatility from one set of parts.

Positive connection from the word go – thanks to the idealfor- site wedge locking principle. This means safe one-man asembly to whatever height is required. A blow with a hammer transforms the positive connection into an unbeatably firm and secure force-transmitting joint.

Force-transmitting joint is the result of superior design: the end of the wedge head precisely matches the radius of the standard – so forces are introduced centrally into the standard over a wide area.

Rapid assembly. Up to 8 connections at various angles can be made in one plane with the statically ideal Allround connector. The assembly of the system is selfexplanatory. If required, you can insert tubular or U-ledgers to accommodate the system scaffolding decks: the stiffening effect of the latter means that longitudinal ledgers parallel to the deck (locked against lift-off) are superfluous – a material and weight saving that brings additional assembly and transportation benefits.

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Positive connection from the word go: the wedge head is slid over the perforated rosette

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and immediately secured against falling out by using the wedge

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A blow with a hammer on the wedge then transforms the positive connection into an unsurpassed forcetransmitting rigid joint.

Layher Allround scaffolding system made of aluminium:

It can take the strain, but it won’t strain you. It’s the same from both the ergonomic and the business viewpoints: whenever scaffolding has to be manhandled – down manholes, through narrow engineering plants – and whenever physical constraints prevent the use of steel or whenever low weight is crucial – for example at trade fairs, or for stages and sets – the identically designed aluminium version has clear-cut advantages. And it pays off, thanks to: low transport weights, reduced load on ground, faster assembly.

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Unlimited operating potential:

For industry, chemical plants, power stations, construction sites, aircraft hangars, shipyards, theatres and arenas, at any site or facility, Layher’s “original” does full justice to its reputation as an all-rounder. Whether it’s a working, protecting, facade or supporting scaffolding unit; whether it’s indoors, rolling or overhead, even for the trickiest floor layouts and assembly situations, or for complex architectural features and for compliance with stringent safety requirements – thanks to its unique connection technology and unparalleled assembly speed, Layher Allround scaffolding has become established on the market as a synonym for modular scaffolding.