Scaffolding installation

//Scaffolding installation

Fast and professional installation and dismantling of facade and modular scaffolding, roofing systems. Our specialists will carry out scaffolding installation work of various complexity.
When working at higher altitudes, it is very important to ensure safety, so high quality scaffolding is crucial.
Modular scaffolding – designed for interior and exterior use in complex construction objects. This type of scaffold allows to reach heights where it is difficult to work with facade scaffolding. Modular scaffolding is ideal for round objects (towers, reservoirs), industrial objects (various factories), high objects (churches, bridges, viaducts). Comfortable for bricklaying, wall plastering.
Facade scaffolding are secure and robust system, which is easily and quickly assembled. The installation of this type of scaffolding is extremely easy and ensures the working speed and safety of the workers during assembly and use.
We also carry out other works necessary for the installation and dismantling of these structures: we cover the scaffolding with a net or a film, and after the works we remove it and dismantle the structures.
At the end of construction or renovation work, we will perform the dismantling of scaffolding or roof systems and their accessories.