Scaffolding rental

//Scaffolding rental

We rent, install and maintain scaffolding and systems for natural and legal persons from the smallest to the largest projects. We provide rental services in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. We can rent Layher modular scaffolding, facade scaffolding and roofing systems. Ordered scaffolding or other systems will be delivered to you and installed by our professional team. At the end of the project we will dismantle and remove the scaffolding.
We will select and apply a rental project for scaffolding or other systems that will best suit your needs.
Our scaffolding rental services are flexible: if the number of scaffolding changes during the rental period – we deliver the missing quantity or take the unnecessary amount by recalculating the rent amount.
We are more than scaffolding rental company. We are ready to service scaffolding systems leased from the beginning to the end of the project.
If you have any questions about renting or stopping renting scaffolding, please email us or call by phone +370 675 40000.

Modulinių pastolių nuoma
Allround scaffolding

Used for internal and external work on objects of complex construction. This type of scaffold allows to reach heights where it is difficult to work with facade scaffolding.

Fasadinių pastolių nuoma
SpeedyScaf frame scaffolding

Most commonly used for facade works – insulation, painting, balcony repair, roof works.

Pastolių nuoma - stogų sistemos
Roofing systems

Used for installation of additional floors in buildings, repair of wooden roofs, protection of new buildings against weather conditions, events or normal work.